How we will work

The CPRC is an independent research organisation which undertakes research to inform policy reform and business practice changes to improve outcomes for consumers.

Working across the government, regulatory, business and community sectors, the organisation is committed to an evidence-based and human-centred approach to research.The CPRC conducts policy research internally, in partnership with other agencies, and promotes, translates and supports the work of others in improving outcomes for consumers.

The CPRC supports collaborative partnerships as an effective way of building shared understanding around policy reform issues and welcomes organisations working within the fields of CPRC Research Areas to contact the organisations to get involved.

Later this year, the CPRC will be establishing a Grants Program through which organisations will be able to apply to conduct research which works to improve consumer outcomes. We will also shortly be revitalising the former CUAC Stakeholder Reference Group – with a firm commitment to continue regular and deep engagement with community and consumer policy experts.

Find out more about our Research Areas or About Us.

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