Our Values

Collaboration – We work together.

We believe achieving our vision will benefit consumers, businesses and government. By listening to everyone we find ways to inspire and support collaboration. Our research and advice is robust and is based upon a combination of trusting our knowledge and experience, and listening to our partners. We know that when we work together we waste less time and resources, and we get more done.

Curiousity – We are rigorous and inquisitive.

Finding ways for consumers to be well represented and fairly treated is a complex business. To succeed in improving outcomes it is critical that we understand which issues are having the biggest impact upon consumers, why and what would be the most appropriate response. We are experts at seeking clarity in an impartial and fair way. We remain open and flexible when needed in order to see what is actually going on.

Effectiveness – We get things done.

We are pragmatic, organised and practical about what needs to be done in order to get results. We work methodically to deliver upon our strategy. Amidst the many competing demands we are able to prioritise and focus. We make the difficult decisions. We let some things go in order to deliver on our priorities.

Respect – We build trust.

We build strong relationships by being direct and honest, even when it is difficult. We are responsive to the needs of the people and organisations we partner with. Every day we balance the need to be clear under pressure whilst facing the diverse expectations of our many partners. Building strong partnerships is how we get things done.

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