Research Areas

Our Research Priorities have been developed based on extensive consultation with community, government and industry representatives, along with an assessment of the evidence of the materiality of consumer issues currently facing Victorian consumers. Our Research Priorities include:

The Home

Purchasing of a home or renting a property usually represents the largest purchase made by consumers.

CPRC is currently exploring research projects in the areas of: the changing housing market for the over 65s and better ways of measuring outcomes for tenants. 


Living Online

Australian consumers continue to increase their purchases of products and services online as well as relying on online sources of information for these purchases.

CPRC will research the degree to which markets protections are effective for online purchases and whether online search engines provide consumers accurate and transparent information about potential purchases.


CPRC Annual Consumer Index

Consumers depend on the effective functioning of markets for the delivery of products and services but have only a few partial measures to assess how effectively markets function.

CPRC will work with industry, government and regulators to develop a more robust measurement of consumer outcomes across the sectors.


Making Consumer Decisions Easier and Fairer

Consumers depend on information published by businesses, and governments, about the products and services they offer.

CPRC is undertaking research in the application and use of quality and service ratings and outreach programs to improve outreach and engagement for disengaged and vulnerable customers.


When Things Go Wrong

When products and services do not meet consumer requirements, consumers rely on a range of dispute resolution mechanisms for redress.

CPRC will research how well consumers understand their rights to redress and the effectiveness of dispute resolution mechanisms across different markets.


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