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Project Grant – Expressions of Interest open now

CPRC’s Research Pathways program is inviting Expressions of Interest for a $100,000 project grant to conduct interdisciplinary research around consumer data and living online. CPRC seeks to explore the impact of consumer data collection, consumer profiling and the implications for consumer choice in Australia.

Living Online: The impact of data collection and consumer profiling on consumer choice

The rapid expansion of e-commerce presents both significant benefits to consumers, but also potentially increasing risks in the areas of consent, privacy, sophisticated targeted marketing strategies, price discrimination techniques and exclusion from products and services.

The rapid growth in big data collection, from online browsing and purchase behaviour, to our social networks, credit history and product preferences, has major implications for the operation of the online marketplace and the choice set presented to consumers.

Research and policy development in Australia to date has largely been focused on the types of data being collected and the release of that data to the consumers who generate it. Little analysis however, has been conducted into how this data can be, and is, used to influence consumer choice.

For applicants

If you are thinking about applying for a grant, this section will provide you with guidance on the suitability of your project, as well as the steps for applying for a grant if you decide to proceed.

The current funding round is for a project grant of up to $100,000, which may be acquitted in one significant project, or via a series of smaller projects.

Preference will be given to applications which:

  • Bring together an interdisciplinary team of experts across the fields which may include:
    • e-commerce
    • open data
    • choice architecture / behavioural science
    • microeconomics
    • consumer policy and law, or
    • data ethics and privacy.
  • Produce new qualitative and quantitative data-sets within the identified research field
  • Avoid duplication of existing research, and
  • Maximise impact with practical policy and practice implications.

Download the Expressions of Interest application pack here.

Application dates & submissions

Expressions of Interest (EOI) close: 16 March 2018

Invitations to Grant Applications stage: 6 April 2018

Grant Applications close: 2 May 2018

Successful applicant informed: mid-May 2018

You should allow three weeks from the decision date, if successful, to finalise a funding agreement.

Please submit your Expressions of Interest to:

Additional information

We encourage you to make use of the downloadable documents in the applicant pack that provide detail about our grants program and what you need to think about. Please read this documentation carefully. We have designed them to answer all your questions and to help you build your application to meet our requirements.

If you have questions that are not answered in our documents, can’t find the information you need, or have any doubts, please contact us at We are happy to answer your specific questions and provide additional guidance.


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