CPRC Launches $100,000 Partnerships Funding


Complex challenges facing consumer markets today often cannot be addressed in isolation. We regularly partner where no single sector or orgnisation can introduce change or reforms to improve customer outcomes. Partnerships underpinned by an attitude of shared-responsibility across sectors are fundamental to drive lasting impact.

We are seeking community, academic, industry and government partners to strengthen our research. Collaboration and co-contributions – both financial and non-financial (such as data, modelling platforms, expert advice) – will be critical in progressing our research projects outlined below.


Living Online

Consumer data – investigating consent and disclosure, data collection and profiling practices

Building on CPRC’s research and policy submissions into consumer data and associated protections and reforms, CPRC is now seeking partnerships and collaboration with organisations researching consumer consent, disclosure and notification of what data is being collected, shared and used. We are also interested in working with parties focusing on current data collection, amalgamation and profiling practices, including bias and discrimination.


Making Consumer Decisions Easier and Fairer

Inclusive design in consumer markets

Programs, policies and interventions to support vulnerable consumers across a range of markets have struggled to deliver adequate protections, information and product design and features. CPRC is seeking to work with organisations experienced in inclusive design to explore application to consumer markets.



Retirement living – Understanding the housing choices of older Australians

To complement CPRC’s internal housing research, CPRC is interested in partnering with agencies on a project to document the preferences and expectations of older Australians as they make life-stage-related changes in their housing arrangements. Research may cover one or multiple housing types and include alterations to existing housing. It may also look at how older people find information and make decisions.

Information disclosure – designing information disclosure tools in housing markets

CPRC is seeking to collaborate with parties to explore the kinds of information consumers desire when choosing between properties and how this information can be disclosed to aid comprehension. Areas of interest include potential application to the rental, aged care and retirement living markets.


Annual Consumer Index

Annual Consumer Index – Developing a robust, repeatable set of outcomes metrics across consumer markets

CPRC is committed to improving transparency of the consumer experience, outcomes and trends across a range of markets. One of our key goals is to develop an Index that can be applied to measure outcomes across a range of sectors. We are seeking to partner with those experienced in developing outcomes and impact indices to develop a framework over the coming year.


How to ApplyCPRC is open to receive partnership applications from community, government, regulatory or corporate entities until 31st May 2019.

  1. Please ensure you have read and meet the requirements of CPRC’s Funding and Partnerships Policy.

  2. Download and complete a short Partnerships Program Application Form outlining your interest in collaborating and experience in one of the five nominated research areas.

  3. Submit your form to researchgrants@cprc.org.au.

  4. The CPRC team will come back to you to arrange a time to discuss your application in more detail.

Please note: All applications made will be treated on confidential basis. CPRC encourages applications that are collaborative across the sectors and disciplines wherever possible, we believe this is often where we can have the most impact. Where we have multiple organisations considering similar projects we may ask and seek your permission to bring different organisations together for a particular project. This however, will not occur without consent of various participants.


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