9:00am to 4:00pm | 19 November 2019 | Melbourne

Consumer data is now a major input to production, with data-fuelled technologies and industries to deliver some of the most significant economic growth over the coming decade. Ensuring that the benefits and value of digital innovation are being fairly shared with consumers will be central to long-term and sustainable growth.

Join CPRC and experts from across sectors to discuss: 

Consumer choice and autonomy in the digital age

Open Data and the promise of innovation

Data and exploitation – privacy, human rights, product safety, market power

Differing approaches being taken to policy and regulation of digital markets around the world

Our aim for the upcoming conference is to build greater shared understanding across sectors about consumer empowerment, choice and the intersection of policy frameworks in the digital age. It is our belief that only through robust, diverse and informed public policy debate will Australia be well-placed to establish frameworks and protections which meet community expectations and enable socially beneficial innovation.

Full program to be released and ticket sales to commence in September 2019!