CPRC’s submission to the Australian Government consultation on the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry highlights an urgent need for reform to protect consumers.

CPRC has conducted research over the past two years uncovering significant consumer frustration with being kept in the dark, with no control when it comes to the collection of their data. The organisation has urged the Government to act swiftly to protect consumers.

Key privacy, consumer protections and competition law reforms recommended to deliver consumers better protections include:

  • Requiring that consumers are clearly informed about what data is being collected, who it is being shared with and what it is being used for
  • Requiring that companies obtain meaningful consent from consumers to collect and use data, in line with European reforms
  • Data sharing defaults for products and services being set to off, requiring active opt in
  • Introducing an unfair commercial trading prohibition into the Competition and Consumer Act to better protect consumers exposed to manipulation and exploitation
  • Introducing a general safety provision to better manage the explosion in IoT devices, having regard to privacy, protection of children and data security

We really need a suite of measures introduced because we’re dealing with structural changes here. Our privacy legislation is simply out of date and not fit-for-purpose in a data-driven future.

This is a matter of economic urgency, just as much as it is about consumer and community welfare. Consumers are clear in their message – they expect their data to be used fairly, they want more control, and they expect the law to protect them.

We now need to bring our legislation in line with those community expectations.

Read our full submission here.