Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is an independent, non-profit, consumer think-tank established with seed funding by the Victorian Government in 2016. We work closely with policymakers, regulators, academia, industry and the community sector to develop, translate and promote evidence-based research to inform practice and policy change.

Our Mission

Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is a trusted source of independent consumer research with impact. For too long consumer markets have been designed by theory, not by practice and real-world experiences. Our markets have often failed the people they were meant to serve.

At CPRC we’re committed to doing things differently through our research. We listen to the expectations, hopes and experiences of consumers around Victoria and Australia. We amplify the bright ideas of consumers, leading thinkers, and bold advocates. We analyse public policy and business practices to identify the gaps, the leading practices, and opportunities for change.

Most importantly, we facilitate conversations that matter to build a stronger shared understanding across government, industry and the community sector about ways to improve the lives and welfare of consumers.

Join the movement. Help us build fairer, safer, and more inclusive markets for people.

Our Role

Working closely with policymakers, regulators, academia, industry and the community sector, we are strong believers in interdisciplinary research and collaboration to solve complex policy problems.

Monitor and identify issues

To ensure our work has the greatest impact, we take a people-centred approach to the consumer experience. Our research is informed by the voices of Australians.

Research consumer protection issues and outcomes

Ensuring that policy recommendations are based on the facts is critical to developing effective policy that delivers on our vision.

Translate research into policy and practice

Turning the knowledge we gather into robust, implementable policies for the public benefit, and demonstrating how those policies work in practice.

Collaborating with others to amplify impact

Collaboration is what our organisation is known for. It is the behaviour that is needed in order to deliver successful outcomes in our research and for our policy recommendations.

How We Work

CPRC conducts policy research internally and in partnership with other agencies, supporting collaborative partnerships as an effective way to build shared understanding around policy reform issues.

We promote, translate and support the work of others in improving outcomes for consumers and welcome new collaborations with organisations and individuals working within the CPRC Research Areas.

Our work is reflective of the policy cycle, including:

  • Issue identification;
  • Consultation;
  • Analysis of policy instruments;
  • Recommendation for change; and,
  • Evaluation.
Our Values


We work together, as a team and with others.


We are rigorous and inquisitive.


We get things done.


We build trust.