Our team is comprised of a number of curious, committed and collaborative people with expertise spanning public policy, consumer engagement and outreach, regulation, law reform, psychology and social policy.

We recognise the importance of diversity in skills and understanding when tackling complex policy challenges, and this is a significant reason we often collaborate through our work – building shared understanding of benefits and risks of various approaches to consumer policy.

Lauren was appointed Chief Executive Officer to establish the Consumer Policy Research Centre in May 2017. She has worked in a range of policy roles across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors for over a decade, including senior policy roles in the New South Wales Government.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Resource Economics (Hons) from the University of Sydney. Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Monash University and has undertaken further study in behavioural economics at the London School of Economics, the Executive Program for Non-profit Leaders at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership.

Passionate about the people side of markets, Lauren supports cross-sectoral collaboration, interdisciplinary research and diversity of thought and experience when tackling complex policy issues. Lauren advises policymakers on consumer data and technology via: National Data Advisory Council, Consumer Data Right Data Standards Body Advisory Committee.

Karl Barratt

Education and Training Manager

Karl first worked for CPRC (then CUAC) from 2014 to 2016 before re-joining the team in August 2018.  Karl has over 12-years’ experience designing and implementing programs supporting low income households to reduce the cost of their energy bills. In this time, Karl has managed Kildonan UnitingCare’s suite of energy support programs and also established the Local Government sector’s flagship low income solar program, Solar Savers.

Karl has a Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) from RMIT University and a Diploma of Community Work (Financial Counselling).

Karl leads CPRC’s Energy Simplified program and can be reached at: karl.barratt@cprc.org.au

Ben Martin Hobbs

Senior Research and Policy Manager

Ben joined CUAC from Chancellery Operations at the University of Melbourne, where he worked closely with the Vice Chancellor and senior chancellery staff on communications and research projects. Ben also has experience working for the research-based strategy consultancy Andrews Group, and was policy intern at Goodstart Early Learning.

During his Masters studies, Ben developed a particular interest in behavioural economics – the field exploring why individuals make seemingly irrational decisions –  and the implications of this for policymakers. Outside work Ben is a keen musician, enjoys smoking brisket, getting outdoors and travelling whenever possible.

Ben holds a Master of Public Policy and Management and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

Ben can be reached at: ben.martinhobbs@cprc.org.au

Cam Crome

Energy Engagement Officer

Cam joined CPRC in April 2019, bringing 13 years’ experience in the energy industry, working in household and commercial energy assessment for organisations as diverse as ATA, Ecovantage, Kildonan and MEFL. He also has extensive experience training and mentoring workers around Australia for various energy programs designed to assist vulnerable members of the community.

Cam has presented and spoken about energy at numerous community engagement presentations, forums and also radio throughout Victoria. He is a keen musician, loves gardening, is an avid reader and is very passionate about the environment, which led him to undertake his degree – a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) from RMIT University.

Cam can be reached at: cameron.crome@cprc.org.au

Gillian Jervis

Finance and Partnerships Officer

Gillian joined CPRC in November 2019 and brings with her extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, focusing primarily on finance and governance in community advocacy organisations.  Gillian is a firm believer in striving for a more environmentally sustainable world, through effective collaboration and community connections.  Working in various finance roles in the not-for-profit sector has inspired Gillian to continuously strive for financial innovation and sustainability, endeavouring to make a positive difference to our society no matter how small.

Gillian is currently Treasurer and Resources Committee Chair for the Yarra Riverkeeper Association and has also held several Treasurer Committee roles in the environmental and early childhood sectors.  Prior to this, Gillian worked in a variety of audit and risk management roles within the corporate and public sectors including ANZ, BHP and the Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry.

Gillian is a qualified CPA and has a Master of Applied Finance Degree from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Deakin University and is a member of the Institute of Community Directors.

Gillian can be reached at: finance@cprc.org.au

Kaye Bratetich

Executive Assistant

Kaye joined us in June 2020 to continue to build on her extensive not-for-profit experience and her commitment to social justice.  Kaye has worked in the community sector, philanthropic, public relations and tertiary sectors, and has a passion to improve the wellbeing of people’s lives, particularly those who are more vulnerable in our community.  Kaye brings a unique set of skills in personal assistance/office management and case management/service provision experience.