Our History

CPRC proudly continues the important legacy in energy and water policy built by our predecessor, Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC). CPRC’s expanded remit allows us to deepen our research capabilities, forge new partnerships, and develop policy expertise across industry sectors, bringing much of CUAC’s philosophy with us.  

Leading research

Robust research and policy reports were core to CUAC’s approach to driving change and improving choice for consumers.

Changing policy through advocacy

CUAC had long participated in policy conversation with government around the introduction of smart meters and flexible pricing. Drawing attention to the poor outcomes being experienced by consumers and the potential policy and regulatory responses was a key feature of its work.

Working with regulators and business to change practice

CUAC engaged strongly with businesses to make positive changes for consumers. With our expanded remit, CPRC will engage organisations outside the energy and water sector to adopt and share best practices.

Improving consumer choice

CUAC led a cross-industry working group to develop the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC), a voluntary code of conduct to improve behaviour and public reputation of the commercial energy switching industry. It came after several comparators were fined by the ACCC for misleading and deceptive conduct.

Empowering and informing the community

Supporting other community agencies by explaining or translating complex information relating to energy and water networks was another area of focus for CUAC. For more information on CUAC go to cuac.org.au