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7 November 2022

Submission – Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enforcement and Other Measures) Bill 2022

CPRC generally supports the proposed amendments in Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enforcement and Other Measures) Bill 2022. Setting penalties at the right level will ensure that more […]
2 November 2022
Mind the gap cover image

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap Identifying the gap between energy concession eligibility and concessions received Ensuring low-income consumers receive concessions is direct cost-of-living support to improve affordability of […]
19 October 2022

Aboriginal private rental access in Victoria: “excluded from the start”

The Aboriginal Private Rental Access Project (APRAP) seeks to address systemic problems and other access barriers Aboriginal people encounter in accessing private rental.
10 October 2022

Submission to the Productivity Commission: Australia’s Data and Digital Dividend

Innovation in data and digital services is not an end in itself. Innovation must be guided to deliver positive outcomes for all Australians. How data is […]
27 September 2022

How Australia can stop unfair business practices

How Australia can stop unfair business practices Unfair business practices cause consumer harm but currently, there’s a gap in our laws to effectively protect Australian consumers.  […]
21 September 2022

Rethinking Penalties

You can’t fix everything with a hammer. Often more than one tool or tradesperson is required to fix the many repairs that can go wrong in […]
15 September 2022
illustration of social media. Illustration by storyset on Freepik

Submission to ACCC: Digital Platform Services Inquiry on social media services

CPRC supports ACCC’s consideration of the impacts of social media services on Australian consumers as part of its digital platform services inquiry. Entities that profit from […]
6 September 2022

Imagining an unfair trading prohibition

What could an unfair trading prohibition look like in Australia?
25 August 2022
Image of Lady Justice

Submission to Treasury Laws Amendment (Competition and Consumer Reforms No. 1) Bill 2022: More competition, better prices

The level of penalties in the competition and consumer law matter. Setting them at the right level will ensure that fewer companies mislead customers, engage in […]