Consumer empowerment

11 September 2023

Recap: The sky didn’t fall in

Lauren Levin’s eye-opening presentation on gambling harm prevention demonstrates just how much Australian regulators and politicians can learn from their European counterparts.
7 June 2023


Why real estate agents must be held to the same privacy standards as others
22 December 2022

Dark patterns are having a ‘vibe shift’

The recent $245 million Federal Trade Commission settlement with Fortnite on alleged use of dark patterns is the wake-up call many consumer advocates have been anticipating worldwide.
12 December 2022

Mission: compostable

Consumers shouldn’t be left feeling overwhelmed and unable to work out what is the right option because of poor quality and potentially misleading green claims.
21 September 2022

Rethinking Penalties

You can’t fix everything with a hammer. Often more than one tool or tradesperson is required to fix the many repairs that can go wrong in […]
16 December 2021

Outreach: Supporting Victorian consumers to lower energy bills

Our amazing outreach team have been back out in the community supporting concession card holders to access the Victorian Government’s