Consumer empowerment and vulnerability

29 June 2022

Australian consumers in their own words

CPRC’s research report Australian consumers in their own words examines key themes and consumer concerns from a series of consumer focus groups held in mid 2021.
2 March 2022

Submission to Australian Energy Regulator – DRAFT Consumer Vulnerability Strategy

CPRC welcomes the AER’s Consumer Vulnerability strategy and supports the outcomes suggested. In our submission, CPRC outlines a range of recommendations regarding proposed actions and additional […]
22 June 2021

Submission to the ESC on their draft Consumer Vulnerability Strategy

CPRC strongly supports the approach, goals and initiatives outlined in the ESC’s draft Vulnerability Strategy. Drawing from on-the-ground insights from
24 September 2020

Submission to the Consumer Safeguards Review Part C: Choice and Fairness

This submission draws on CPRC’s commissioned and collaborative research with academics across different complex and essential service markets, highlighting key
7 July 2020

The experiences of older consumers: towards markets that work for people

Led by CPRC Senior Research and Policy Manager, Ben Martin Hobbs and co-authored by CPRC Research and Policy Director, Emma O’Neill,
30 January 2020

Choosing care: the difficulties in navigating the Home Care Package market

Affordable, effective and quality care is essential to Australia’s ageing population and the growing number of older people choosing to
23 January 2020

Submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Aged care program redesign: services for the future consultation paper

This submission highlights key findings from CPRC’s 2020 report Choosing care: the difficulties in navigating the Home Care Package market