Consumer wellbeing

We give voice to what consumers want and need to make their lives better.


What it means to live a good life is ever evolving. Consumers are wanting more from companies and the products they produce. Price is important, but consumers also expect fair treatment, agency, respectful service, safety, sustainability – things that improve their quality of life, wellbeing and the impacts on the broader community. At the same time, the process of policymaking, delivery and evaluation is speeding up. Policymakers and regulators seeking to enhance consumer experiences and wellbeing require a modern, adaptive evidence base to better design and deliver interventions and support measures to consumers.

We talk directly to consumers about their experiences and expectations – starting with what it feels like to be a consumer in Australia today. Drawing on the latest thinking globally on social and economic wellbeing, we are developing a model to regularly and transparently report on how market governance is either enhancing - or detrimentally impacting - consumer wellbeing across essential service markets. To improve consumer wellbeing, decision-makers will need to embed consumer insights as they set their priorities, develop interventions and evaluate their effectiveness.

Our work


7 July 2020

Building Markets That Work for People

CPRC’s first virtual event with The Wheeler Centre hosted leading advocates, researchers, and regulators exploring the experience of older consumers…

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19 November 2019

Data (R)Evolution

Consumer data is a major input to production. Data R(E)volution brought together those working on the frontier of research, technology…

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25 February 2019

The Renter’s Journey Forum

Taking a consumer-centric approach to reform of the rental market is critical to overcoming long-standing power imbalances. This event brings…

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19 November 2019

Presentation to Euroconsumers International Forum

Digital innovation and effective regulation is a global challenge. CEO Lauren Solomon delivered an address to Consumer Power 2019 –…

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Kristal Burry

Policy and Program Director – Consumer Wellbeing

Kristal joined CPRC in July 2021 bringing with her extensive experience in the energy and water sectors. She most recently worked for the federal government on a range of energy issues from electricity and gas pipeline regulation through to residential energy efficiency measures. Before that she worked at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre as part of their Energy and Water Advocacy team.

Kristal has worked across academia, government, and not-for-profit sectors. She is passionate about ensuring cities and infrastructure work for people and are designed and managed to support peoples social and economic opportunities.

Kristal has a Bachelor of Science, Honours (Parasitology) and Master of Integrated Water Management. She is currently studying an MBA in Social Impact.

Kristal leads CPRC’s Consumer Wellbeing workstream and can be reached at: