Consumers in a digital world

The opportunities of digital transformation are placed in the hands of consumers.


The way most of us consume goods and services is changing at an unprecedented speed and scale. Australian consumers’ reputation as early adopters of new technologies has only been accelerated by the pandemic, with a step change in online purchases and dramatic changes in the industry capability. Although this has delivered many benefits, consumers’ reliance on, and participation in an increasingly digitised economy also creates substantial challenges for consumer policy and wider economic management. Maintaining consumer trust in data-driven technologies, products and services will be critical to a consumer-led recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Consumer protection and competition frameworks developed for analogue markets now need to evolve to address market failures and promote the long-term consumer interest in a very different context. Our work explores the implications for consumers and their expectations, testing how adaptable, technology-neutral and future-proof current Australian consumer protections really are, and how digital technology can be harnessed to benefit rather than harm consumers, including those in vulnerable circumstances.

Our work


7 July 2020

Building Markets That Work for People

CPRC’s first virtual event with The Wheeler Centre hosted leading advocates, researchers, and regulators exploring the experience of older consumers…

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19 November 2019

Data (R)Evolution

Consumer data is a major input to production. Data R(E)volution brought together those working on the frontier of research, technology…

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25 February 2019

The Renter’s Journey Forum

Taking a consumer-centric approach to reform of the rental market is critical to overcoming long-standing power imbalances. This event brings…

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19 November 2019

Presentation to Euroconsumers International Forum

Digital innovation and effective regulation is a global challenge. CEO Lauren Solomon delivered an address to Consumer Power 2019 –…

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Chandni Gupta

Policy and Program Director – Consumers in a Digital World

Chandni joined CPRC in July 2021, bringing compliance and community engagement experience from various state and federal agencies. She most recently designed and led the online compliance initiative for product safety at the ACCC, working closely with digital marketplaces to deliver safer outcomes for Australian consumers.

She also brings a global perspective from experience in the Strategic Communications arm of the United Nations, and most recently leading global consumer policy development in product recall effectiveness at the OECD.

A tech geek earlier in her career, she’s passionate about digital products and markets that are safe, accessible, and meaningful for consumers. But also loves high quality analogue style paper and notebooks.

Chandni holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) and a Master of Business (specialising in public relations).

Chandni leads CPRC’s Consumers in a Digital World workstream and can be reached at: