CPRC board

CPRC discharges its responsibilities as an independent research organisation in a transparent and accountable manner.


CPRC’s commitment to accountability is supported by our governance and management structures and our internal systems and processes. The CPRC Board has been integral to the governance and management of CPRC, including:

  • setting its strategic direction
  • monitoring progress towards achievement of outcomes
  • being accountable for CPRC on behalf of the community

The Board is made up of longstanding Directors with diverse skills and experience.

Catherine Wolthuizen


Catherine is the Chair of the CPRC Board. She brings her considerable experience as a consumer advocate and ombudsman to the role of Chair of the CPRC. She is the Independent Customer Advocate at NAB, where her role includes making decisions about complex and sensitive complaints and advising on how to improve complaints handling and the customer experience. She is also an Ombudsman at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in the UK, where she has made decisions in around 2,500 cases, and an independent consumer representative to the Financial Ombudsman Service in Australia. She was also previously Head of Market Affairs at FOS UK, leading external engagement for that organisation. She has had senior roles in two Australian consumer organisations and is a former chair of the Consumer Federation of Australia. As well as running a human rights legal NGO and the UK’s whistle-blower NGO, she was a member of the Legal Services Consumer Panel in England and has recently been appointed to the Legal Services Board in Victoria. Catherine lives in Bayside Melbourne with her husband Philip and two children.

Maree Davidson AM

Maree provides consultancy services and project management across strategic communications and planning, change management, business development and marketing. Maree is also a Member of National Coalition Against Bullying (NCAB), Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership and a Board Member of Fitted for Work.

Dr David Cousins AM

David is the Deputy Chair of the CPRC Board. He is an economist with an extensive background in consumer policy and regulation through university studies and teaching, government and regulatory positions and consulting. As Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria (2002-2008), David strongly promoted the importance of soundly-based consumer policy research. He has a strong interest in ethical investment as Chair of the Board of Directors of Uniting Ethical Investors (UEthical). In 2009 David was made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his services to consumer policy and its administration in Australia.

Prof Helen Dickinson

Helen Dickinson is Professor of Public Service Research and Director of the Public Service Research Group at the School of Business, University of New South Wales, Canberra. Her expertise is in public services, particularly in relation to topics such as governance, leadership, commissioning and priority setting and decision-making. Helen has published eighteen books and over sixty peer-reviewed journal articles on these topics and is also a frequent commentator within the mainstream media. She is co-editor of the Journal of Health, Organization and Management and Australian Journal of Public Administration. Helen is also a board member of the Consumer Policy Research Centre. In 2015 Helen was made a Victorian Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia and she has worked with a range of different levels of government, community organisations and private organisations in Australia, UK, New Zealand and Europe on research and consultancy programmes.

Dr Ron Ben-David

Ron is a Professorial Fellow with the Monash Business School and Monash Sustainable Development Institute. Between 2008 and 2019, he served as chair of the Essential Service Commission (Vic) where he led far-reaching reforms in many areas of economic regulation. Prior to the commission, Ron held senior roles in the Victorian Departments of Premier and Cabinet and Treasury and Finance. In 2008, he headed the national secretariat for the Garnaut Climate Change Review. Ron is a board member of ClimateWorks Australia and the Regulatory Policy Institute (A-NZ), and an advisory board member for the Centre for Market Design and Customer Stewardship Australia. He is a member of the Australian Energy Regulator’s Consumer Reference Group and Consumer Challenge Panel, and is the principal of Solrose Consulting.