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Our markets serve consumer interests first.


CPRC has already worked on a variety of different markets including the rental market, energy, retirement villages and aged care home care packages. Research and policy work in 2020-21 on the impact of COVID-19 on the consumer experience has both taken a cross-sectoral approach and also focused on particular markets such as rental and particular groups of consumers such as CALD consumers and younger people. We foster a market stewardship approach to policymaking ensuring that sectoral regulators and policymakers take an active role in governing the operation of complex markets. Our research focuses on four stewardship priorities: accessible, functional and sustainable marketplaces; fair and inclusive products and services are designed; product and service design reflects real-world human decision-making; and consumers are given agency to make choices and those who cannot or do not want to engage are protected.

We are continuing to look at specific markets and how well they meet consumers’ needs, developing targeted solutions and drawing out economy-wide lessons where relevant. This work examines business behaviour and regulatory interventions, identifying and promoting best practice in business responsibility and regulatory design, and seeking to improve the regulatory toolkit.

Our work


7 July 7 2020

Building Markets That Work for People

CPRC’s first virtual event with The Wheeler Centre hosted leading advocates, researchers, and regulators exploring the experience of older consumers…

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19 November 2019

Data (R)Evolution

Consumer data is a major input to production. Data R(E)volution brought together those working on the frontier of research, technology…

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25 February 2019

The Renter’s Journey Forum

Taking a consumer-centric approach to reform of the rental market is critical to overcoming long-standing power imbalances. This event brings…

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19 November 2019

Presentation to Euroconsumers International Forum

Digital innovation and effective regulation is a global challenge. CEO Lauren Solomon delivered an address to Consumer Power 2019 –…

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Ben Martin Hobbs

Senior Research and Policy Manager

Ben joined CUAC from Chancellery Operations at the University of Melbourne, where he worked closely with the Vice Chancellor and senior chancellery staff on communications and research projects. Ben also has experience working for the research-based strategy consultancy Andrews Group, and was policy intern at Goodstart Early Learning.

During his Masters studies, Ben developed a particular interest in behavioural economics – the field exploring why individuals make seemingly irrational decisions – and the implications of this for policymakers. Outside work Ben is a keen musician, enjoys smoking brisket, getting outdoors and travelling whenever possible.

Ben holds a Master of Public Policy and Management and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

Ben can be reached at: