For release 29 March 2023



The latest research from the Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC), has found that most Australians don’t feel businesses are doing enough to keep their data safe.

While 84 per cent agree a company should be responsible for keeping their data safe, only 15 per cent of Australians feel businesses are doing enough to protect their privacy.

CPRC, Digital Policy Director, Chandni Gupta said with the Privacy Act under review the focus needs to be on making businesses more accountable.

“It is clear that Australians deserve much more when it comes to keeping their data safe and using it responsibly. The law needs to catch up,” Ms Gupta said.

CPRC’s research involved a nationally representative survey on consumer views of how personal information is collected, shared, and used by businesses.

“Currently, businesses collect, share, request more information than necessary, and can use it in ways that are not transparent and can leave people worse-off,” Ms Gupta said.

The research found:

“We found that half of Australians don’t know where to seek help if they have a problem and just over half agree it’s time consuming to find ways to protect their privacy online.

“There is a responsibility shift required so Australians can trust that businesses are gathering only required data and keeping it safe.

“There needs to be clear rules about what businesses can and can’t do with our data.
“For example, businesses should not be asking for more personal information than what’s necessary to deliver the product or service.

“Government needs to empower the regulator to swiftly ban or restrict harmful practices. We have an opportunity with the current review of the Privacy Act to make our laws match with consumer expectations.” Ms Gupta said.

More information, including the full report, ‘Not a fair trade. Consumer views on how businesses use their data’ is available at:
CPRC Digital Policy Director, Chandni Gupta is available for comment contact CPRC or ph: 0493 539 466.