Following an era of essential service deregulation, many have questioned whether the outcomes have benefited the many or the few. Controversies in banking, energy and telecommunications have revealed systemic flaws in market design, unfair busi


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How Australia can stop unfair business practices

How Australia can stop unfair business practices Unfair business practices cause consumer harm but currently, there’s...
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Imagining an unfair trading prohibition

What could an unfair trading prohibition look like in Australia?
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Australian consumers in their own words

CPRC's research report Australian consumers in their own words examines key themes and consumer concerns from...
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Duped by design – Dark patterns in Australia

CPRC webinar provides an insight into the types of dark patterns being used in Australia and...
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Duped by design – Manipulative online design: Dark patterns in Australia

CPRC's research report Duped by design explores ten types of deceptive designs and the impact of...
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Submission: Positioning Australia as a leader in digital economy regulation – Issues Paper

In its submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, CPRC urges that an economy-wide...
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Submission: Statutory Review of the Consumer Data Right – Issues Paper

In its submission on the Statutory Review of the Consumer Data Right, CPRC recommends the Government...
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From Search to Sale – Navigating the Victorian Property Market

CPRC's research report From Search to Sale: Navigating the Victorian Property Market has found property buyers...
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Consumer Data Right Report 4: My Data, My Choices

Consumers need simple and reliable ways to make their data sharing choices known; for these choices...
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Submission to ACCC: Digital Platform Services Inquiry on updating consumer law for digital platform services

In its submission to the ACCC’s Digital Platform Services inquiry on updating consumer law for digital...
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Productivity Commission: Australia’s productivity performance – Call for submissions

CPRC believes that the Productivity Commission should take a broader view of how to improve productivity,...
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Submission to Australian Energy Regulator – DRAFT Consumer Vulnerability Strategy

CPRC welcomes the AER’s Consumer Vulnerability strategy and supports the outcomes suggested. In our submission, CPRC...
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Submission to Social Housing Regulation Review

CPRC’s core research areas include‘ Markets that work for people’ and ‘Consumer Wellbeing’. These research areas...
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ACCAN feedback on the Remaking the Telecommunications (Listed Infringement Notice Provisions) Declaration 2011

While the CPRC generally supports the proposed amendments in Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Online Privacy and...
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Submission to the Treasury CRIS: Improving Consumer Guarantees and Supplier Indemnification Provisions under the Australian Consumer Law

Consumer Policy Research Centre submission to the Treasury Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS): Improving the Effectiveness of the...
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Submission to OAIC – Review of the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014

CPRC calls for a clearer governance and effective regulation of the credit reporting regime, with the...
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Submission to The Attorney-General’s Department – Privacy Act Review – Discussion Paper

CPRC welcomes the progress on the review of the Privacy Act. CPRC has a keen interest...
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The Digital Checkout

Over the last three decades Australian consumers have progressively shifted towards the digital economy for the...
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Outreach: Supporting Victorian consumers to lower energy bills

Our amazing outreach team have been back out in the community supporting concession card holders to...
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Why listening needs to be at the heart of a consumer-led recovery

There is a lot of talk from industry and governments about consumer-centred service and policy design,...
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Jul 7, 2020

Building Markets That Work for People

CPRC’s first virtual event with The Wheeler Centre hosted leading advocates, researchers, and regulators exploring the experience of older consumers…

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Nov 19, 2019

Data (R)Evolution

Consumer data is a major input to production. Data R(E)volution brought together those working on the frontier of research, technology…

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Feb 25, 2019

The Renter’s Journey Forum

Taking a consumer-centric approach to reform of the rental market is critical to overcoming long-standing power imbalances. This event brings…

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Nov 19, 2019

Presentation to Euroconsumers International Forum

Digital innovation and effective regulation is a global challenge. CEO Lauren Solomon delivered an address to Consumer Power 2019 –…

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Kristal Burry

Policy and Program Director – Consumer Wellbeing

Kristal joined CPRC in July 2021 bringing with her extensive experience in the energy and water sectors. She most recently worked for the federal government on a range of energy issues from electricity and gas pipeline regulation through to residential energy efficiency measures. Before that she worked at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre as part of their Energy and Water Advocacy team.

Kristal has worked across academia, government, and not-for-profit sectors. She is passionate about ensuring cities and infrastructure work for people and are designed and managed to support peoples social and economic opportunities.

Kristal has a Bachelor of Science, Honours (Parasitology) and Master of Integrated Water Management. She is currently studying an MBA in Social Impact.

Kristal leads CPRC’s Consumer Wellbeing workstream and can be reached at: