May 29, 2019

Report: A Day in the Life of Data

Consumer Policy Research’s Centre (CPRC)’s latest report – A Day in the Life of Data – illustrates the bewildering volume and scope… Read More ▸

February 25, 2019

Report: The Renter’s Journey

The Renter’s Journey follows the rental experiences of four key groups of renters: women aged 55 and over, low income… Read More ▸

October 19, 2018

Energy literacy – community education and outreach

Community workers are on the front line when households struggle with the cost of their energy bills. They must have… Read More ▸

October 11, 2018

Discussion paper: But are they any good?

In a range of service industries, consumers often encounter poor service including unexpected service outages, inexplicable fees and charges, transfer issues,… Read More ▸

July 27, 2018

Report: Consumer Data and the Digital Economy

Consumer Data and The Digital Economy was released in July 2018. Australian consumers value their privacy, but our research finds that… Read More ▸

July 17, 2018

query:data national consumer data conference

CPRC hosted Australia’s first major consumer data conference on July 16, 2018. query:data brought together 120 of Australia’s leading researchers,… Read More ▸

May 27, 2018

Inclusive Housing Design – Placemaking in Wyndham

People with physical and intellectual disabilities are under-served by mainstream housing, reflected in both a lack of overall supply, and… Read More ▸

May 2, 2018

Report: Five Preconditions of Effective Consumer Engagement

On 16 April 2018, CPRC released its foundational research report Five Preconditions of Effective Consumer Engagement. The report presents a… Read More ▸

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