query:data national consumer data conference

CPRC hosted Australia’s first major consumer data conference on July 16, 2018.

query:data brought together 120 of Australia’s leading researchers, regulators, advocates and businesses to discuss the evolving consumer policy and practice landscape when it comes to consumer data.

CPRC launched its foundational research report, Consumer Data and the Digital Economy, presenting on report findings, while expert panellists spoke to the latest research and practice innovations.

If you missed the day, you can view recordings of some of the proceedings across the fields of:

  • Regulation with Mr Rod Sims, ACCC Chair
  • Human rights with Mr Ed Santow, Human Rights Commissioner
  • Consumer research with Ms Lauren Solomon, CPRC CEO
  • Innovation and consumer benefits with Mr Harshu Despande, Managing Director, Customs Development & Open Source Alliance, Accenture; Mr Nigel Dobson, Banking Services Domain Lead, Digital Banking, ANZ; Tom Burton, Publisher, The Mandarin
  • Privacy & discrimination with Dr Katharine Kemp, Lecturer, UNSW; Prof James Arvanitakis, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Graduate studies), Western Sydney University, Dr Monique Mann, Vice-Chanellor’s Research Fellow Technology and Regulation, QUT; Mr Drew MacRae, Policy & Advocacy Officer, FRLC
  • Good practice for the future with A/Prof Kerry Taylor, Associate Professor, Data Science, ANU; Prof Marcus Foth, Professor of Urban Informatics, QUT Design Lab , QUT; Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Lecturer, The University of Melbourne; A/Prof Shanton Chang, Assistant Dean (International), The University of Melbourne