February 25, 2019

Report: The Renter’s Journey

The Renter’s Journey explores the rental journeys of four key segments – women aged 55 and over, young singles, low income families, and newly arrived migrants – highlighting five common challenges and presenting 10 policy implications.

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Executive summary

Australia’s private rental system is undergoing continuing, often disruptive change. This has been occurring in a difficult economic context characterised by housing prices rising faster than typical earnings, incomes effectively stagnating (or falling behind housing and other costs), and growing income inequality. After a long-term focus on house prices, political and media attention has turned to the cost of rental housing and risks facing people with marginal tenures. However, the voice of renters has largely been missing from policy debates, perhaps because renters are not recognised as economically significant and capable of affecting larger outcomes, or because they have not historically been mobilised as voters. Our goal is to bring renter perspectives into the centre of the policy debate, utilising a tool called consumer journey mapping, well known in the private sector as a way to improve service processes and user experience, but to date not widely used in policy analysis. By creating journey maps for renters passing through the renting process we have identified several critical pain points amenable to policy interventions.

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