October 20, 2021

Towards a Wellbeing Approach to Consumer Policy in Australia

As the focus of policy makers shifts to rebuilding our communities and economy, now is the time to focus on a wellbeing approach to market governance. Taking a strategic, positive, people-centred approach to better understanding, measuring and reporting on the things that enhance or detract from the wellbeing of Australians in essential service markets.

The conduct of business and the ways markets are regulated significantly influence the day-to-day lives of Australians. The pandemic only brought this into sharper focus.

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We want to approach consumer policy from the perspective of promoting and understanding more about what Australians tell us about the interaction and experiences that materially enhance their lives – things like experiencing safety, fairness, dignity and respect.

This two-part report draws on the voices of Australian consumers and what they’re telling us about their experiences with service providers and markets today. We also investigate wellbeing approaches to policy development internationally and locally, and explore ways that this could be applied to policy development and the regulation of essential service markets in Australia.


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