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Research Launch Webinar: A Day in the Life of Data

Every day, our behaviour is monitored, collected, sold and shared to generate detailed online consumer profiles.

What does this mean for consumer autonomy?

How do we prevent discrimination, exclusion and manipulation in th
is environment?

A Day in the Life of Data was launched on Wednesday 29 May, during CPRC’s first Consumer Policy Connect Series webinar for 2019, which featured Lauren Solomon and Brigid Richmond from CPRC, Nathan Kinch and Mat Mytka from Greater than X, and Dr Chris Culnane from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Computing and Information Systems.


  • Lauren Solomon – CEO, Consumer Policy Research Centre
  • Brigid Richmond – Senior Research and Policy Officer, Consumer Policy Research Centre
  • Nathan Kinch – Co-Founder and CEO, Greater than X
  • Mat Mytka – Chief Platform Officer, Greater than X
  • Dr Chris Culnane – Research Fellow, Department of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne

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