Partnerships Funding FY19/20

The CPRC Partnerships Program funding provides $100,000 to support collaboration across four key research areas – Living Online, Making Consumer Decisions Easier and Fairer, Housing, and the Annual Consumer Index.

Research Pathways Program Guidelines 2019/20

Our partnerships stream has been developed for research areas where the CPRC is undertaking significant internal research in a focus area and is seeking community, academic, industry and government partners to strengthen the project and create a collaboration platform.

These are often projects where there may be a shared responsibility across the sectors to address the challenge, or where no single sector can introduce reforms to improve consumer outcomes in isolation.

Project funding in our partnerships stream is contingent on co-contributions (financial or non-financial, e.g: data, modelling platforms and software, expert advice) from partners and there is an expectation that these projects adopt a collaborative approach to meet the research aims of partners and policy aims of the CPRC.

Research area: Measuring wellbeing and welfare in markets

CPRC is committed to improving transparency of trends in consumer experiences and outcomes across a range of markets. Ensuring that markets are working in the interests of consumers and the community is essential to the economy and society.

We are now seeking a partner or partners to work with us on the development of an outcomes measurement framework for consumer wellbeing and welfare across several markets. This project would be undertaken over a period of two years, with the initial stages reviewing and evaluating various performance measurement frameworks and the second stage undertaking the first round of data collection.

We would welcome Expressions of Interest from consortia exploring:

  • Analysis of models of performance and outcomes measurement for consumer wellbeing and welfare
  • Dimensions of consumer experience
  • Methods for quantifying consumer experience and welfare
  • Analysis of the role of market stewardship in the performance of markets
  • Existing data collection / performance reporting and the role of Open Data to facilitate better consumer and market outcomes

Key selection criteria

Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by CPRC staff and Board against the below selection criteria:

  1. Experience of the consortia in delivering high-quality, nationwide consumer research, particularly market research.
  2. The validity of the proposed research method to quantify the consumer experience and welfare.
  3. The extent to which the project will draw on latest developments internationally in relation to measurement of outcomes in consumer markets and the wellbeing economy.
  4. Experience of the consortia with Open Data initiatives.
  5. The cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary representation in the consortia.



Further information

We would welcome expressions of interest from a collaboration of researchers from across the corporate and academic sectors, particularly those experienced with conducting large-scale market research projects.

We would welcome expressions of interest from those with a strong track record and experience in but not limited to: market research, consumer experience, performance reporting, consumer law, competition policy, psychology, Open Data, social science and program evaluation.

Expressions of Interest remain open until March 2020. This Stream operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Once an EOI is lodged CPRC will contact the consortia to arrange a time to further discuss the proposal.

Should CPRC receive two applications of similar nature, CPRC will contact each applicant to discuss the interest and willingness of parties to collaborate on a joint project proposal. This will only be undertaken with consent of both parties.