Research Grant FY19/20

CPRC’s Research Pathways Program offers a $100,000 Research Grant annually to conduct interdisciplinary research within our Research Focus Areas. 

Research Pathways Program Guidelines 2019/20

Research area: Technology and inequality

Technology has become an inextricable part of our lives. It is largely unknown what the long-term impact of this will be on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and on broader issue of inequality within our markets and society.

Consumers are increasingly purchasing, using and being exposed to direct and ambient data collection through the adoption of technology by homes and businesses.

CPRC now welcomes expressions of interest from projects exploring both of the following areas of inquiry:

Analysis of emerging data collection and use technologies, products and services and their impact on equality

The deployment of data-driven technologies will have a variety of impacts across the economy. Some applications will better assist previously excluded consumers access to products and services. Other applications will advantage consumers with the capacity to pay for new technologies. We are seeking projects that will analyse new consumer technologies and their applied and measurable impact on either increasing or decreasing equality.

Examples of practices and applications include, but are not limited to: AI, machine-learning applications, Internet of Things devices, comparator and digital assistant services, smart cities, disability supports and technologies, internet search and social networks, phone applications, smart home technologies or profiling and personalisation practices.

Examples of potential areas of inquiry of equality include, but are not limited to: bargaining power, choice, consent, privacy, marginalised groups, manipulation, distribution of costs / benefits / welfare or access.

Emerging models that build greater equality, inclusion and welfare through data collection and use

For growth to be inclusive in the digital economy, new models will need to be developed that protect fundamental rights, foster data use in the public interest and better share the collective benefits of economic growth generated by data-driven technologies.

Where consumer participation in services results in the collection of personal information as an input to production for the growth of that service, there is far from widespread consensus as to how the benefits are to be shared better between firms and consumers.

We are seeking analysis from researchers on 3 – 4 emerging models that better enable equality, inclusion and improve consumer and community welfare. Examples of some of the models or concepts under active consideration in Australia and abroad include but are not limited to: data trusts, data and technology sovereignty, data ownership and payment models.

Note: we are not seeking a project that focusses only on historic academic literature, but one which draws on theoretical frameworks – testing and exploring how these could be used to develop more effective shared benefit models for consumers and firms.

Key selection criteria

Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by CPRC staff and Board against the below selection criteria:

  1. The validity of the applied research method proposed to analyse and quantify the adoption of new technologies and their impact on inequality.
  2. How the project will generate new knowledge of practical application and direct relevance to policymakers.
  3. The extent to which the project will draw on latest developments internationally.
  4. Achievability of the project with proposed budget and timelines.
  5. Qualifications of the research team.

Further information

We encourage applications from interdisciplinary teams with experience in any of the following: computer science, data science, economics, consumer law, competition policy, human rights, privacy, information law, behavioural science, marketing, cybersecurity or social science.

We encourage projects with strong international links, or academics with expert international knowledge of new and emerging models for data sharing and use.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) form must be lodged by COB 20th December.

EOIs will be reviewed by CPRC staff and Board, with invitations to progress to Grant Application stage issued by mid-January 2020.

Grant Applications will be by invitation only, closing February 2020.

Successful applicants will be notified March 2020.