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Engaged in multiple sectors, our team conducts rigorous consumer and policy research to uncover market failures and consumer harm. We actively collaborate with partners, leveraging national and international perspectives to identify and understand issues within markets. By openly sharing insights, we contribute to the creation of impactful policy solutions, fostering momentum for positive change and advocating for consumer welfare.

October 12, 2018

Submission to CDR Bill – Further Consultation and Designation Instrument for Open Banking

CPRC holds the view that the CDR should be renamed to the Data Portability/Transfer Right to more accurately reflect its functions; There is a signficant need for a whole-of-government approach to economy-wide data protection reform to address the risk of CDR data leakage outside the system; CDR data should be prevented from transfers to non-accredited third parties in the absence of reform to economy-wide data protection; Privacy by Design be embedded in the legislation by ensuring redundant data is deleted by default; Consumers should be provided with their CDR information for free without restrictions; Consumers should have access to profiling information/categories/scores observed or generated relating to them, and not limited to just accessing information that we observed or provided by the person; and, Legislating CDR participants to participate in a centralised dashboard would greatly assist consumers in managing their consent and data portability over time and especially as new sectors are brought into the CDR system.

January 23, 2018

Submission to the Australian Government Review into Open Banking

It is without question that effective regulation and data security is essential to establishing consumer trust and participation in Open Banking, in particular through more accurate and simple comparisons of products and services. Equally important is consumer’s trust in companies and the system, and real informed consent for Open Banking to work effectively.

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February 16, 2021

Submission on the National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Supporting Economic Recovery) Bill 2020

CPRC’s submission outlines our position opposing the proposed amendments to responsible lending laws. Our COVID-19 research found a growing proportion of consumers have taken out a new loan or refinanced an existing debt during the COVID pandemic, even with the existing responsible lending laws.

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