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Engaged in multiple sectors, our team conducts rigorous consumer and policy research to uncover market failures and consumer harm. We actively collaborate with partners, leveraging national and international perspectives to identify and understand issues within markets. By openly sharing insights, we contribute to the creation of impactful policy solutions, fostering momentum for positive change and advocating for consumer welfare.

July 20, 2018

Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness Draft Inquiry Report

CPRC broadly supports many of the recommendations outlined by the Productivity Commission, particularly with regard to improving the conditions for consumer choice and decision-making in what is a particularly complex market. We strongly endorse the Productivity Commission’s consideration of the behavioural economics literature and position on rigorous consumer research and outcomes measurement.

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April 17, 2018

Submission to the ESC on Developing a Reference Price Methodology for Victoria’s Energy Market

CPRC supports reforms to increase consumer comprehension, comparability and switching. As is the case with many reforms aimed at changing consumer experience and behaviour, monitoring of the information, tools and platforms consumers access to support informed decision-making and the outcomes of these changes should be ongoing.

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April 5, 2018

Submission to ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry Issues Paper

CPRC notes that this Inquiry and cited data practices are not occurring in isolation. One of the most significant challenges of data amalgamation and the impact on competition is that the collection, sharing and use of data is not happening within any one sector, but multiple at the same time. It is therefore important to consider not only the issues associated with genuine consent and control over collection of data but also the sharing and use – by who and for what purpose.

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March 26, 2018

Submission to the Review of Electricity and Gas Retail Markets in Victoria

We take the view that there has not been an authoritative, comprehensive review of retail competition in Victoria, nor is there currently enough evidence available to determine if retail competition has delivered improved efficiency and benefits in the long-term interests of consumers. Vulnerable and low income consumers, in particular, experience significant barriers to their effective participation and the realisation of benefits.

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January 23, 2018

Submission to the Australian Government Review into Open Banking

It is without question that effective regulation and data security is essential to establishing consumer trust and participation in Open Banking, in particular through more accurate and simple comparisons of products and services. Equally important is consumer’s trust in companies and the system, and real informed consent for Open Banking to work effectively.

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March 16, 2018

Submission to the AER on Retail Price Information Guidelines

CPRC broadly supports the steps taken by the AER to increase consumer comprehension, comparability and switching through the development of the Retail Pricing Information Guidelines. Developing a regulatory and policy environment which is iterative and informed by ongoing consumer research will ultimately assist in delivery of evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes from consumer engagement through time.

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