consumer law

28 November 2023

Submission to Treasury: CRIS – Protecting consumers from unfair trade practices

Submission to Treasury: CRIS – Protecting consumers from unfair trade practices An economy-wide prohibition on unfair trade practices is a vital addition to Australia’s consumer laws. […]
13 September 2023

Submission to the ACCC on draft guidance for businesses on green claims

Consumers deserve and are entitled to accurate, truthful information on products and services advertised as being sustainable or environmentally beneficial. Businesses who make deceptive, untruthful and […]
16 August 2023

Submission to ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry – Data Brokers

Data brokers are mining and refining our data and then sharing and selling it to the highest bidder. There is little to no transparency in how […]
27 July 2023

Submission to DISR – Safe and responsible AI

As AI and new technologies quickly evolve, the Federal Government should focus on creating a legal and regulatory framework that ensures that when businesses use new […]
19 July 2023
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Banning telemarketing under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program

No one should be subject to unwanted high-pressure sales tactics in their own home. Telemarketing and door knocking should be banned for Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) […]
14 June 2023
computer with the word sustainable on the screen

Submission to the Senate Inquiry – Greenwashing

Australians are bombarded with claims about green and sustainable features of products and services. Marketers and businesses are trying to tap into a growing desire of […]
10 May 2023

Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Philanthropy Inquiry

Getting the settings right for philanthropy will make Australia a more generous, connected, and supportive country. This submission puts forward ideas to make the act of […]
2 May 2023

Submission to Select Committee into the Provision of and Access to Dental Services in Australia

CPRC’s forthcoming research report drawing from CPRC’s Victorian Consumer Survey explores problems reported with purchases over the previous 12 months. Our findings indicate approximately one in […]
30 March 2023

Submission to the Attorney-General: Privacy Act Review Report

It’s time to introduce privacy laws that work to actively protect Australians in the digital economy. CPRC broadly supports many of the proposals outlined in the […]