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16 November 2022
EV report cover

The barriers and potential enablers of electric vehicle uptake in Australia

The barriers and potential enablers of electric vehicle uptake in Australia This working paper covers the barriers and enablers of elective vehicle uptake in Australia.  Download […]
14 May 2022

From Search to Sale – Navigating the Victorian Property Market

CPRC’s research report From Search to Sale: Navigating the Victorian Property Market has found property buyers do not have access to accurate information about the price […]
27 September 2021

Submission to Treasury: Strengthening protections against unfair contract terms

CPRC supports the proposed amendments in Treasury Laws Amendment (Measures for a later sitting) Bill 2021: Unfair contract term reforms, which
21 September 2021

Consumer insights series: Sector Scorecard

CPRC’s Sector Scorecard developed in partnership with Roy Morgan, provides a comparative ranking of key Australian essential services markets when it came to supporting consumers during […]
18 August 2021

Submission to ACCC: Digital Platform Services Inquiry – Online Marketplaces

CPRC submission to the ACCC Digital Platform Services Inquiry into general online marketplaces highlights our research insights on:
18 March 2021

Unfair Trading Practices in Digital Markets: Evidence and Regulatory Gaps

The Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is a strong supporter of an unfair trading practices prohibition being introduced in Australia.
7 December 2020

Submission to Privacy Act Review Issues Paper

CPRC has a keen interest in how Australia’s privacy protection framework can be reformed so it offers modern, robust protections
19 December 2019

Online reviews: a guide not a gospel

Busy lives and the convenience of online shopping have more Australians than ever purchasing their products and services online. This trend is echoed by our recent […]