Annual Reports

Each financial year, CPRC releases an Annual Report outlining our activities, engagement, research and policy submissions, along with the Directors’ and Financial reports

CPRC Annual Report FY22/23

The driving force behind CPRC’s daily work is a deep commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of every Australian consumer. Our research consistently prioritises consumers, examining both theory and practice simultaneously, and offering evidence-based suggestions for policy and business transformation. This year marks a significant milestone for CPRC as we ventured into critical research areas crucial for consumers, while also broadening our research methods to contribute to informed public discussions.


CPRC Annual Report FY21/22

CPRC continued to provide guidance to policymakers on what consumers need from businesses in times of hardship and stress. Including the COVID-19 Sector Scorecard which gave insights to show which industries were there for consumers when they needed them, started the conversation about consumer wellbeing, and continued important work on digital markets, bringing its expertise to an analysis of consumer online experiences.


CPRC Annual Report FY20/21

During the past year CPRC set out to collect evidence about what’s really going on across the Australian community when it comes to consumers’ experiences with essential service providers and at the ‘digital checkout’. The evidence is clear: the pandemic has not affected all parts of our community equally, with some sectors having been disproportionately impacted.


CPRC Annual Report FY19/20

At CPRC we’re committed to doing things differently through our research. We listen to the expectations, hopes and experiences of consumers around Victoria and Australia. We amplify the bright ideas of consumers, leading thinkers, and bold advocates. We analyse public policy and business practices to identify the gaps, the leading practices, and opportunities for change. Most importantly, we facilitate conversations that matter to build a stronger shared understanding across government, industry and the community sector about ways to improve the lives and welfare of consumers.
COVID-19 has uncovered the frailties within our markets and across the community – impacting the lives and welfare of all consumers. Consumer trust and confidence will be central to rebuilding our markets and economies. Ultimately, our ability to emerge stronger from this crisis will be determined by the extent to which we put people at the centre of new systems, processes and interventions. CPRC will continue to build and share a robust evidence base that informs policy and program design – so that fairness, safety and inclusion are at heart of the recovery mission.


CPRC Annual Report FY18/19

CPRC’s motivation – the why that brings us to work each day – is to protect and improve the lives and welfare of Australian consumers. Our research firmly places consumers at the centre of everything we do, analysing the theory and the practice in unison, providing evidence-based recommendations for change to policymakers and businesses alike.
A critical part of achieving our mission is connecting sectors and disciplines, bringing together diversity of thought to drive collective and inclusive outcomes. The theme of the 2018/19 Annual Report is Collective Impact for Consumers, reflecting the importance of the people and partners that drive our work. We value diversity of experience when tackling complex consumer policy challenges because this builds resilience and inclusion.


CPRC Annual Report FY17/18

At CPRC, we believe that fair outcomes for consumers are central to the operation of sustainable markets and our economy. Our focus is to take a people-centred approach to our analysis of policies, regulations and practices. Our work is reflective of the policy cycle from identification of the problem, through to recommendations for change.
We support the production of consumer research in three key ways: conducting research internally, partnering with others, and providing research grants. In FY17/18, the organisation has focused on two key research priority areas in our activities: Making Consumer Decisions Easier and Fairer and Living Online.


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