Research services

CPRC is open to partnering or undertaking commissioned work that aligns with our aim to create fairer, safer and more inclusive markets for all consumers.

CPRC can offer a range of research and policy advice services including:

  • Literature reviews to help you understand existing research
  • Comparisons of legislation or regulation to unpack how other jurisdictions have solved similar problems
  • Analysis of best practice approaches to helping consumers
  • Development of policy recommendations or ideas
  • Quantitative methodologies including surveys of consumers or analysis of datasets you may hold
  • Qualitative methodologies including focus groups or interviews
  • Mystery shopping exercises to understand the practical consumer experience of markets.

Our expertise is best suited to helping governments, regulators, or not-for-profit organisations to understand problems affecting consumers.

As an independent research institute, when considering contract work CPRC will:

  • Take on projects that align with our mission and strategy.
  • Ask about your plans for publication.
  • Confirm that the project will allow CPRC to retain its ability to issue independent findings and recommendations.

More information about how CPRC considers funding and partnerships is available in CPRC’s Funding Policy.

Not sure if CPRC is the right fit? Reach out for a conversation.

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Featured projects

Other recent projects completed in partnership include:

Is it liveable?

CPRC and Tenants Victoria conducted a mystery shop of 100 rental properties in Victoria.

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Detours and Roadblocks

A multi-method study exploring consumer experiences with faulty cars and complaints processes in Victoria, conducted in partnership with CALC.

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Seeing Green

In partnership with ADM+S, CPRC analysed over 20,000 impressions of more than 8,000 Facebook ads with green claims.

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