December 16, 2021

The Digital Checkout

Over the last three decades Australian consumers have progressively shifted towards the digital economy for the consumption of products and services and the past two years have only accelerated this shift. Accessing our basic needs and wants online is now very much part of our daily narrative as the digital economy continues to offer convenience, choice and access that is unparalleled to our online experiences before. But are our protections and safeguards keeping pace for consumers to confidently reap the benefits of this evolving environment?

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Summary of report:

  • maps the shift from the analogue checkout dating back to the 90s to our current digital checkout
  • explores key gaps that currently exist in Australia’s consumer protections
  • highlights the reforms we believe are needed to ensure that the Digital Checkout enhances consumer wellbeing and drives sustainable economic growth into the future.

To truly enable a confident consumer experience with the Digital Checkout, we believe policy and regulations moving forward must aim to:

  • establish a fair playing field so consumers have a sense of agency over their online experience
  • embed safety so the onus is not left with consumers to determine between safe and unsafe products online
  • give consumers meaningful choice, control and transparency
  • create an accountable supply chain regardless of complexity
  • ensure redress schemes are well-resourced, accessible and effective
  • drive effective competition.

Journey maps

We’ve created journey maps to summarise the consumer journey across analogue and digital checkouts.


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