Submission: Positioning Australia as a leader in digital economy regulation – Issues Paper

While Australia is in an urgent need for an economy-wide strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Decision-making (ADM), its development and implementation should reflect the needs of all Australians.

In its submission, CPRC recommends that the Government consider the following to ensure a more consumer-centric deployment of AI and ADM in Australia:

  • Establish and implement an economy-wide consumer protection framework that enables innovation in line with the interests of consumers.
  • Resolve outstanding policy issues required to develop an enabling environment including an economy-wide protection framework for consumer data and proactive enforcement of data and technology.
  • Embed cost-benefit analysis as part of an AI and ADM framework for essential and/or government services that requires entities to identify direct benefits to consumers.
  • Enshrine a ‘duty of care’ on business use of consumer data.
  • Establish proactive surveillance and enforcement of emerging technologies.
  • Create clear pathways for consumer redress.


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