Submission to ACCC: Digital Platform Services Inquiry – Online Marketplaces

CPRC submission to the ACCC’s Digital Platform Services Inquiry into general online marketplaces highlights our research insights on:

  • consumer trends and risks affecting online retail marketplaces
  • impact of online reviews on consumer choice
  • collection and use of data in a digital environment
  • consumer experience in accessing remedies and resolving disputes.

Consumers value the convenience and access to more products that the online environment has to offer but the experience can also feel overwhelming for many. CPRC’s Consumers and COVID-19 survey data* revealed that up to 43% of consumers surveyed reported experiencing problems with an online retail marketplace between June and October 2020. Convenience alone is not sufficient to deliver good consumer outcomes. Transparent information, meaningful comparisons, quality customer service, and clear pathways to resolving issues and disputes are critical to enable frequent and meaningful engagement by consumers on online retail marketplaces.

* Data available in Annex 1 of CPRC’s Unfair Trading Practices in Digital Market: Evidence and Regulatory Gaps report.

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