Submission to Home Affairs – Strengthening Australia’s Cyber Security Regulations and Incentives

CPRC’s research continually confirms that consumers are overwhelmed with the explosion of data driven products and services. Information asymmetries, lack of accessible remedies and inadequate consumer protection frameworks, mean that while the choice of digital products and services has increased, frameworks to protect consumers in this booming digital environment have not adequately kept pace.

Our submission to the Department of Home Affairs’ consultation on cyber security regulations and incentives:

  • highlights the information asymmetries that exist for consumers in this complex environment
  • notes how fairness and safety are two consistent expectations that are voiced by consumers and are fundamental in improving the enforceability of cyber security requirements
  • urges the importance for other reforms such as unfair trading prohibition, unfair contract terms, general safety provision and privacy that all need to contribute to strengthening the cyber security framework for Australians
  • supports for a combination of information and safety standards for smart devices to help ensure consumers can make informed choices prior to purchase and be protected post purchase
  • calls for the establishment of a Digital Ombudsman
  • encourages consideration of how blockchain technology could be embedded into business practice and in enforcement initiatives.
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