Submission to Privacy Act Review Issues Paper

CPRC has a keen interest in how Australia’s privacy protection framework can be reformed so it offers modern, robust protections that ensure Australian consumers, and our overall society, are better off as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to gather speed.

Our response to the Issues Paper utilises CPRC’s research and evidence-based perspective to highlight areas where bold changes to the Australia’s privacy protection framework would benefit consumers. Specifically, our response addresses:

1. The scope of the Act – the Act’s coverage must be drastically updated so that it reflects the increasing ubiquity of data collection, use and disclosure in the economy5

2. Transparency and comprehension – privacy notices must be better at informing consumers about the collection, use and disclosure of consumer data

3. Choice and control – consent mechanisms need to provide consumers with more meaningful choice and control over their data

4. Enforcement – robust enforcement and remedial mechanisms must effectively hold entities to account and incentivise the right data-handling behaviours and culture

5. Beyond analogue privacy protections – modern laws and regulations must work coherently to protect the interests of Australian consumers.

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