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Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) is an independent, not-for-profit, consumer think-tank. We collaborate with policymakers, regulators, academia, industry, and the community sector to develop and promote evidence-based public interest research that informs policy change to create fairer markets for Australians.

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Directly influenced policy changes at a state and national level

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A strong history of independent research with over 130 reports and submissions

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Businesses are removing harmful web designs thanks to our Australia-first research into dark patterns

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Singled Out: Consumer understanding — and misunderstanding — of data broking, data privacy, and what it means for them

Together UNSW Sydney and CPRC set out to examine a national sample of Australians and explore how people perceive and understand the various types of personal information that organisations collect, use, and share, along with the associated risks.

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Is it liveable?

Are private rental properties safe, clean and liveable?. CPRC and Tenants Victoria conducted a mystery shop of 100 rental properties in Victoria. While many properties met the minimum standards, issues such as maintenance, visible mould, and lack of window coverings were associated with poorly maintained affordable properties.

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We provide research services to government and regulatory bodies that want to design and operate effective consumer policy regimes that work in practice, not just in theory.

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