Detour and Roadblocks

Faulty cars are far too common and disrupt far too many lives.

A faulty car is far more than just a daily inconvenience, they can disrupt lives and pose serious challenges for people nationwide when trying to resolve the problem. CPRC’s research delves into the experience of the process of resolving a faulty car issue. Get an in-depth understanding of the car fault landscape in Australia and engage with experts and consumer groups alike to pinpoint widespread issues.

Join us to hear more about our findings and understand the broader Australian experience.

Expert Panel


Trish Blake

Trish Blake is the WA Commissioner for Consumer Protection and Executive Director for Consumer Protection. Previously, Trish has been the Director of Retail and Services within Consumer Protection and worked in the Legislation and Policy Directorate of Consumer Protection for more than 13 years. Trish is a great advocate for residential tenancies, scam prevention, human rights and product safety.


Jillian Williams

Jillian Williams is the Operations Manager at the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network (ICAN). Jillian and her team work with people from Townsville to the Torres Strait and specialise in financial counselling, consumer advocacy, financial capability and financial literacy training. Previously Jill was the Director of Legal Practice at the Consumer Action Law Centre and has a strong history working on consumer advocacy issues.


Jo Ucukalo

As founder and CEO of Handle My Complaint, she has worked with Australia’s leading brands to deliver business improvements through people and technology. Her diverse background coupled with her work in consumer affairs as an advocate on behalf of consumers has provided insights into industry drivers. Jo is an accomplished presenter and panellist and has built a reputation as an industry expert and social commentator.


Brigette Rose

Brigette, a solicitor at Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC), draws on extensive experience advocating for effective regulation in consumer-facing industries. With a background as a Senior Policy Officer at CALC, she specialised in regulating goods and services, telecommunications, and banking sectors. Brigette has also represented CALC on both the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Consumer Panel and the Australian Communications and Media Authority Consumer Consultative Forum.

Webinar Overview

Join us for:

  • A comprehensive overview of CPRC’s research.
  • A panel discussion on the diverse experiences of consumers from different parts of Australia.
  • An interactive Q&A session where attendees can share problems related to faulty cars in their respective states.

If you’ve faced challenges with a faulty car, or if you’re passionate about advocating for consumers’ rights, this webinar is for you.



Erin Turner


Erin leads CPRC, and is a consumer advocate that has worked with a broad range of governments and regulators to make markets fairer for Australians.


Registered participants will also gain access to the recording after the webinar

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