Duped by design – Dark patterns in Australia

What are dark patterns and how do they harm consumers?

Consumers are being manipulated by how information and choices are displayed on websites and apps to deliberately influence their behavior. These designs are dark patterns. They are used to steer choices in ways that benefit businesses but can leave consumers worse off.
This CPRC webinar provides an insight into the types of dark patterns being used in Australia and the harms these deceptive designs can cause

CPRC will share its latest consumer research on the prevalence and impact of dark patterns on Australian consumers and what businesses and governments can do to create a fair, safe and inclusive experience for Australian consumers in digital economy.

Finn Myrstad, Head of Digital Services at the Norwegian Consumer Council and world-leading expert in dark patterns, joins CPRC in a conversation to share how dark patterns are being addressed internationally. Finn was instrumental in bringing this concept to light in the European Union and will highlight what Australia can learn from international action and response.

Speakers include:

Erin Turner – CEO, Consumer Policy Research Centre

Erin Turner is a consumer advocate that has worked with a broad range of governments and regulators to make markets fairer for Australians. Erin was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Policy Research Centre in March 2022. Erin most recently led the advocacy and communications team at consumer group CHOICE and previously worked for not-for-profits including ACCAN and the CBAA. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Politics and Publics Policy. She is a board member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and the Chair of the Financial Rights Legal Centre.

Chandni Gupta – Policy and Program Director (Consumers in a Digital World), Consumer Policy Research Centre

Chandni Gupta joined CPRC in July 2021 as Policy and Program Director for its Consumers in a Digital World research stream. Chandni brings compliance and community engagement experience from various state and federal agencies and a global perspective from experience at the United Nations, and most recently at the OECD. A tech geek earlier in her career, she’s passionate about digital products and markets that are safe, accessible, and meaningful for consumers. Chandni holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) and a Master of Business (specialising in public relations).

Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad – Director, Digital Policy at the Norwegian Consumer Council

Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad is the Director of Digital Policy at the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC), focusing on national and international issues related to privacy, cyber security, net neutrality, copyright, telecommunication and more. Finn develops and promotes international standards as the EU Chair of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue´s (TACD) Digital Committee, which gathers 75 organisations from the US and Europe. Some of Finn´s projects include privacy and security challenges posed by internet connected devices, user terms in apps, tech companies’ use of dark patterns and online tracking.

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