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Learning from a Churchill Fellowship studying gambling regulation (harm prevention) in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom | 2022

What regulatory initiatives have worked best in the gambling harm prevention space in Europe?

Join CPRC and the Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) for a briefing by Lauren Levin on the European and the UK approach to gambling harm prevention.



Lauren Levin

Lauren Levin is the Director of Policy and Campaigns at Financial Counselling Australia (FCA). She has worked for FCA since 2012 and has an interest in building Australia’s consumer protection structures in gambling so that fewer people are harmed.

Webinar overview

As part of her Churchill Fellowship Award, Lauren Levin travelled to Europe and UK to gain insight about regulation relating to gambling harm prevention.

Lauren spent eight weeks across eight countries, meeting with gambling regulators, banks, Financial Ombudsman Services, academics, others in the gambling harm prevention ecosystem and attended an international gambling industry convention to gain insight into what the gambling industry is doing and anticipating.

In this special webinar, Lauren will share findings from her research where she asked:

  • regulators to identify what two or three regulatory initiatives have worked best in the gambling harm prevention space, and
  • UK banks why it was proactively assisting its gambling customers to prevent gambling harm.

As an interactive webinar, the presentation will be followed by a Q&A.



Chandni Gupta

Deputy CEO and Digital Policy Director

Chandni has over 15 years of experience in consumer policy domestically and internationally. She leads CPRC’s research and policy program, while also leading CPRC’s digital research stream on protecting consumers in a digital world. Her work to date includes exploring the consumer shift from the analogue towards the digital economy, the impact of deceptive and manipulative online design on Australian consumers and the key gaps that currently exist in Australia’s consumer protections. Chandni is also a Board Member of the Consumers’ Federations of Australia.

This is a joint event with CPRC and CFA


Consumers’ Federation of Australia (CFA) is the peak body for consumer organisations in Australia and it advocates in the interests of Australian consumers. CFA promotes and supports members’ campaigns and events, nominates and supports consumer representatives to industry and government processes, develops policy on important consumer issues and facilitates consumer participation in the development of Australian and international standards for goods and services. CFA is also a full member of Consumers International, the international peak body for the world’s consumer organisations. Visit the CFA website for more information about each of these activities, as well as important consumer news.

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