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What can we do to Improve Green Claims for Consumers?

With a growing market for environmental products, consumers are surrounded by claims about green and sustainable features.

Products and services may make claims such as ‘sustainable’, ‘carbon neutral,’ etc, but the vague and broad nature of the claims means that consumers are not able to verify them.

Consumers are left hoping that businesses are following through on their sustainable promises. These claims may cause harm for sustainability efforts but also to consumers. So, how can we make green claims work for consumers?

Join in the conversation as we discuss, what can we do to improve green claims for consumers?

Expert Panel


Christine Parker

Christine Parker is a Professor of Law at Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne.


Patrycja Gautier

Patrycja Gautier is the Team Leader and Senior Legal Officer at the European Consumer Organisation.


Kristal Burry

CPRC’s Policy and Program Director, Kristal Burry, has extensive experience in the energy and water sectors..

Webinar Recording

Webinar overview

Join us for this Spark Series webinar.

The expert panel will explore both local and international perspectives:

  • The Australian consumer experience: Kristal Burry will give an overview and share the findings of the latest consumer research on Australian consumers’ experience of green claims.
  • A European perspective: Patrycja Gautier, will offer insights into how Europe is tackling issues.
  • How consumer law can tackle greenwashing: Professor Christine Parker will, provide insights from food labelling and the how the Australian consumer law can be used to tackle greenwashing.

As an interactive webinar, the panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A.



Erin Turner


Erin leads CPRC, and is a consumer advocate that has worked with a broad range of governments and regulators to make markets fairer for Australians.

Spark Series

This webinar is part of the CPRC Spark Series – a set of webinars designed to start conversations about consumer policy.

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